Who We Are...

Passionate Partners in this wonderful endeavor!
Joe Gady (Owner)

Joe is passionate about sustainable growing practices that nurture the soil and benefit the environment. He grows beautiful, colorful, high brix carrots and other vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs. 

He began Farming For Life in 2007. For the past 16 years he has been fermenting a variety of foods and drinks, and teaching others about the benefits of fermentation.  He knows that sustainability isn't just about soil, it also includes our health.  Without the life affirming, immune enhancing, digestive supporting benefits of wild fermented foods, our vitality is simply lower than it could be.

Joe has a background in gardening, farming, handyman work, and mountaineering. He was instrumental in establishing the successful recycling program in Rochester, and creating a gardening program for children at Geneva Center. He's an avid birder, and has planted trees and sunflowers wherever he's lived.

Amazing Staff!

Very grateful to have wonderful, skilled, focused staff to help hand craft the artisan ferments. Thank you Michelle, Alaura, and Megan.

If you stop by our Shop in Rochester, they can offer samples and answer questions about any of our foods and drinks.