Praise for our Ferments!

People's real comments about our classes & products

"Joe's ferments are the highest quality I've ever tasted.  I can feel the healing benefits.  Since eating his fermented veggies, I've felt a difference in my digestion and my overall energy level.  And the flavors are amazing!" - A.B., cafe owner

"Mr. Joe Gady, thank you
so much for the wonderful class.  It was very informative and inventive." - Linda

"Not only are Joe's products delicious but he is a wealth of information and his lectures and demonstrations are so worth being a part of. I have attended his events at "Down to Earth" health food store and he does an excellent job!"  -G. C.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Joe at an event at Nature's Cupboard today. We shared some great conversation and I was able to sample a variety of his fermented creations; all of which I loved! There's no better feeling than supporting a local business backed with heart, humbleness, and knowledge. Keep inspiring!" -K.F.

"Your kimchi is awesome! I will have to try some of your other products too!" - J.C.A.

"Enjoying the Golden Turmeric Sauerkraut! Sampled the Real Dill Pickles, Ginger Carrots and the Supertonic. Everything was delicious and the Supertonic was surprisingly good! Looking forward to purchasing more when I am back in Rochester. Keep up the great work!"  -P.G.


"We have been sourcing items we do not produce on our own farm for family consumption with excellent results. The carrots are some of the best we have ever had both for juicing as well as fresh eating. We are also daily users of the Super Tonic. Thanks Farming For Life for your extensive knowledge and wonderful products." -J.K.


"Loved all the information at the class at Maple City today. looking forward to starting my own fermenting"  -A. H.


"I know this might be TMI ... but I really don’t care.  If you struggle with stomach issues, constipation, or bloating. You need this. It’s at Sunspot in Kokomo. A teaspoon of this a day for a week and I am down 2 pants sizes around my waist. I thought I was gaining weight... no. I was bloated. My midsection is seriously smaller than it has been in years."  -L.O.