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The new farm!!

Posted 7/31/2019 9:18am by Joe Gady.


      Dear fellow ferment enthusiasts!

      Welcome to our website and our first blog! 


      Here we hope to share brief, interesting 

      updates with beautiful photos of what is


In January 2019 we moved our new farm, just north of Argos.

We are learning the personality and strengths of our land.  We've enjoyed seeing what comes up naturally on it's own this first year.  The wildflowers have been copious and diverse. 

We are so thrilled to be on this land.

Joe and our pastured chickens moved, aerated, and enriched the soil with nutrients. 

We then made garden beds for veggies, herbs, cut flowers, and native pollinator nectars. 

We've been enjoying the purselane plant volunteers cropping up in the gardens... Did you know it's edible?  A wonderful source of essential fatty acids. 

We add it to sautees, and make pesto with it.  YUM! 

Here's a link for how to eat it:

f you want pesto recipes, see my herb mentor's resources.  Kami McBride has a wonderful way of helping you learn easy and nutrient dense herbal cooking!  I learned the purselane recipe below from her.

We planted the orchard with trees for fruit and nuts, and antioxidant rich berries. 

We innoculated mushroom logs for a variety of oysters.  Our 5 year shitake logs suprised us with a crop!

The mycelium are fascinating to watch develop. 

It's been fun to see our bees swarm and smell the sweet air around the shungite hives as 'the girls' cure their comb honey in the heat.

This week we harvested the first of our green cabbage crop for kraut, along with the first of the cucumbers and herbs that will become our Real Dill Pickles.

Our nutrient dense produce makes for super nutrient dense kraut!

Megan also put together Farming For Life's first banner! 

Look for it in our ferment shop window on Main St. in Rochester, and also at the farmer's markets we will be at :)

It is a love letter made from original photos of the 15+ years of Joe's organic farming.

It's been a busy half year!  More yet to do.

We have some new recipes in the works.  Each one takes many months to perfect.  We hope to start producing one at a time, starting next year.

Thank you again for your support, and for loving our ferments

We hope you can taste the sunshine, love, and satisfying nutrient density in each jar!

In celebration,

Joe and Megan

All photos copyright 2019 Megan Assaf